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Betty Parsons

Betty Parsons, Pasture, 1963

Betty Parsons is included in the group exhibition Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser at Mu.ZEE, Oostende, Belgium.

The insitution's press release follows:

Mu.ZEE invited the American guest curators Douglas Fogle and Hanneke Skerath to view the work of the Belgian artist Raoul De Keyser through the lens of a number of historical and contemporary artists from around the world. ‘Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser’ takes the radical language of the artist of lightness, playfulness and beauty as the starting point for a conversation with a diverse group of artists who share a similar openness in their work in different ways. These connections stem above all from a shared sensitivity and attention to the fragile elusiveness of the world.

The artists in this exhibition are: Richard Aldrich (born 1975), Forrest Bess (1911-1977), Matt Connors (born 1973), René Daniëls (born 1950), Raoul De Keyser (1930-2012), Vincent Fecteau (born 1969), Maysha Mohamedi (born 1980), Rebecca Morris (born 1969), Betty Parsons (1900-1982), Amy Sillman (born 1955), Ricky Swallow (born 1974), Patricia Treib (born 1979), Luc Tuymans (born 1958) and Lesley Vance (born 1977).