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Coco Fusco

Vivir en junio con la lengua afuera (To Live in June with Your Tongue Hanging Out), 2018

Coco Fusco included in Construção, curated by Renato Silva, at Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, Brazil.

The gallery's press release follows:

Many events overflowed the 60s and 70s with vast material of abundant combustion that was crucial for strengthening the dialogue between art and the world. The artists' responses to the constant changes that reveal the contours and transformations in world geopolitics over time have always been of immense use in strengthening aesthetic and conceptual discussions and analyses. Much of this rhetoric shaped the themes of countless exhibitions, which for the most part and in the recent past, brilliantly set out to revisit history to realize what we cannot forget.

The current moment of political and social engagement instigates us to rekindle the dialectical bases of the discussion about the direction of this society, which again bets on the indecent setback in the ideological field with the advance of conservative agendas. Looking to the present time, the exhibition does not fit the infinite discourses that tend to moralize the subjective bases of reason, intends only to expand, through the narratives placed by each of the presented works, the reflection on the thin layers that are projected as attempts to understand the confused time that forms on the horizon.

Construção also gives us some guidelines for thinking about a world that can oppose language retention projects as a creative way to aspire to the perception of freedoms and rights. Looking at the plans of these artists is, first of all, a way of discerning the side we want to be. We believe that the invited artists emerging from divergent contemporary trajectories bring in their practices, something that is in line with the notions of cyclical transformation and renewal.

February 6 – March 21, 2020
Mendes Wood DM
São Paulo, Brazil