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Harmony Hammond

Harmony Hammond is included in the group exhibition, Off-Center: New Mexico Art, 1970-2000 at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe. 

The New Mexico Museum of Art's press release follows: 


The New Mexico Museum of Art presents a landmark exhibition, Off-Center: New Mexico Art, 1970-2000, a survey of the last three decades of the twentieth century, a pivotal time in which numerous artists relocated to New Mexico, drawn by its distinctive climate and landscape, its rich diversity of cultures, and its strong reputation as a center for the visual arts. Scheduled from June 8, 2024, to May 4, 2025, at the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary, Off-Center explores the depth and complexity of this period through a series of relevant and topical themes.

During this time, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos continued to be important destinations for contemporary artists, but other communities developed in cities and towns infrequently identified with the visual arts such as Galisteo, Gallup, Las Cruces, Roswell, and Silver City. The exhibition will undergo five partial rotations over the course of the year to capture as much of the thematic breadth and as many of the influential artists as possible. With over 125 artists on view, Off-Center presents a compelling range of artistic approaches and a diverse range of experiences that will be organized into three major thematic groupings: Place, Spectacle, and Identity.

Off-Center takes place on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Department of Cultural Affairs. The Department of Cultural Affairs represents New Mexico’s dedication to preserving and celebrating the cultural integrity and diversity of our state. The Department oversees a broad range of New Mexico’s arts and cultural heritage agencies. These include 15 divisions representing a variety of programs and services such as the New Mexico Museum of Art.