Harmony Hammond: SITE Santa Fe
July 18 – October 4, 2015

Harmony Hammond and Frances Cape present Angle of Repose, as part of the series of exhibitions, 20 Years / 20 Shows at SITE Santa Fe, NM.

Harmony Hammond and Francis Cape present Angle of Repose, a collaborative installation that is conceived as a conversation between Foreclosure, Cape’s trail of exiled hand-crafted furniture and Flesh Fold #1, Hammond’s large layered near-monochrome painting with it’s skin pulled back to reveal a rawness underneath that must be covered over with the poultice of paint. “Angle of repose“ is a term used by engineers to describe the steepest angle to which a material can be piled without collapsing. The works of sculptor Cape and painter Hammond reflect on the precarity—financial, political, social and emotional—of our lives.