Luis Camnitzer: Creative Time Summit 2015
November 14–15, 2015

Luis Camnitzer participates as a guest speaker in Creative Time Summit, Brooklyn, NY.

Building on the Summit held at the Venice Biennale in August, the New York Summit is dedicated to education and other ways knowledge is disseminated and obtained. The Curriculum NYC will focus on the effects of specific education policies in the United States. From within Boys and Girls High School, which has come to symbolize both the democratic ambitions and the pervasive inequalities of public education today, we will explore the relationship between knowledge and geopolitics, pedagogical art practices, omissions in contemporary curricula, and political issues such as the re-segregation of public schools and student debt.

In addition to hosting presentations by a distinguished roster of over 50 participants, the Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum NYC invites attendees to join in our afternoon sessions, which will comprise break-out sessions held in the school’s classrooms. Taking the form of roundtables, open dialogs, or workshops, they will provide opportunities for more intimate exchanges among attendees, special guests, Summit presenters, and students or teachers from Boys and Girls High School, Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice and Research, and Service High School. While diving deeper into urgent pedagogical issues, sessions will also address topics specific to the field of socially engaged art.