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Luis Camnitzer

Insults, 2012/2019

Luis Camnitzer's Insults (2012/2019) is included in the exhibition Idioglossia curated by Xinyi Ren at the School of Visual Arts, CP Projects Space, Brooklyn, NY.

Institution's press release:

Idioglossia questions what it means to achieve offensive opacity in the information age when both expression and its censorship have become unprecedentedly easy to achieve. The exhibition will present a case study on private languages, the spontaneous, deliberate, game-like deviations from existing language systems. Defined here as uncommon languages used by minority groups to express themselves when they have no full guarantee of free speech, private languages are practical solutions devised by their users to bypass or combat specific problems, ranging from homophobia and racism to censorship and algorithmic control. The goal of this project is not to invent a new utopian language system, or to delve deep into the art of cryptography. It is not interested in the static, or the orderly, but in the fluid, the ephemeral, and the cunningly deceiving.

April 18, 2019 - May 8, 2019
School of Visual Arts, CP Projects Space
New York, NY