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Regina Silveira

Além do Infinito, installation view, Farol Santander, São Paulo, Brasil (2019)

Regina Silveira's solo presentation, UP THERE, included in Além do infinito at the Farol Santander, São Paulo, Brazil.

The institution's press release follows: 

Farol Santander will receive, as of January 22, for its first anniversary, the immersive art exhbition Além do Infinito. The show will present the unpublished work, UP THERE, by renowned Brazilian visual artist Regina Silveira, plus the installation Beyond Infinity, by French artist Serge Salat, occupying floors 22 and 23, respectively, each with 330sqm.  

Regina Silveira's UP THERE is a visual and sonorous narrative of a fictional trajectory, with a little more than 3 minutes of duration, that begins at the height of a group of imaginary celestial bodies and descends to the top of the clouds of a supposed terrestrial atmosphere, with looping sequence . UP THERE suggests that the infinite journey is made from the floor of this same room, virtually transformed into a floating platform. The work has the soundtrack of the pianist Rogerio Rochlitz .

Beyond Infinity is a multisensory installation by the French artist Serge Salat, which combines mirrors, lights, music and fractal art. Beyond Infinity explores your unique ideas in infinite and surreal spaces. The installation proposes a complex and theatrical journey, a cinematic experience in which visitors go deeper and deeper into hierarchies of dreams nestled in other dreams. The installation requires the viewer to physically and symbolically be in the space-time dimension of the mirrors. The artist's work will be adapted to the 23rd floor of Farol Santander and has already passed through countries like China and France.

Além do Infinito
January 22, 2019 – May 2, 2019
Farol Santander, São Paulo, Brasil