Siah Armajani

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art

September 18 – December 15, 2013

Alfred Whitehead Reading Room (2013)
Wood, plexiglass, brass, glass
96 x 144 x 192 in (244 x 366 x 488 cm)

First Bridge (1968)
Stained balsa wood
10 x 15 x 44 in (25.4 x 38 x 112 cm)

Wall (1958), detail
Ink, fibre, watercolor, twine on cloth
16.5 x 30 in (42 x 77 cm)

Press Release

Siah Armajani: An Ingenious World
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art
London, United Kingdom

Siah Armajani's exhibition traces his early works on paper, made in Iran during the late 1950s, to his mature works, including his most recent structure, the Alfred Whitehead Reading Room, 2013, specifically created for the outdoor space at Parasol unit, London.

Armajani’s work is rooted in his own Persian cultural heritage, his knowledge of Western philosophy, literature and poetry, and his interest in American vernacular architecture. His early works are distinguished by a poetic use of Persian script, a manipulation of traditional techniques and a bold vision that employs various media to serve his artistic intent. The combination of text, idea and the peculiar use of space to be observed in these early works has continued into his later works, in many of which poetry or a philosophical statement is an important element.

Armajani’s post university works are often astute architectural models, inspired by generic structures and conveying the idea of house or bridge. In Armajani’s structures the idea always has priority over function. His belief in democracy and open communication as essential requirements for a healthy society, along with his philosophical and political interests, eventually led him to create art in the public realm. His works are housed in some of the world’s most important museum collections.

Curated by Ziba Ardalan, Founder/ Director, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art.