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Frank Bowling

Recent Paintings

Flow with Chetty Philadelphia Bound, 2012, Acrylic on canvas

Flow with Chetty Philadelphia Bound, 2012

Acrylic on canvas

52.99h x 79.92w in (134.60h x 203w cm)

Rachel's rant, 2011, Acrylic on canvas

Rachel's rant, 2011

Acrylic on canvas

64.96h x 81.50w in (165h x 207w cm)

Alsorecent, 2012, Acrylic on canvas

Alsorecent, 2012

Acrylic on canvas

50h x 58w in (127h x 147.32w cm)

Mappa Mundi, 2015, Acrylic paint, acrylic gel and mixed media on collaged canvas

Mappa Mundi, 2015

Acrylic paint, acrylic gel and mixed media on collaged canvas

69h x 119w in (175.26h x 302.26w cm)

Anne's Roraima, 2016, Acrylic on canvas

Anne's Roraima, 2016

Acrylic on canvas

63.31h x 66.14w in (160.80h x 168w cm)


In recent works, Frank Bowling plays with texture and color. Expressive and emotive, the artist draws on a myriad of different techniques to create these paintings’ gestural, layered compositions, including pouring, staining, collaging, and even scattering ammonia across the work’s surface to create mottled and veined effects. Dynamic and powerful, the canvases’ surfaces often feature accumulations of pigment and small objects that invite allusions to the natural word. At the same time, the collaged strips of canvas that frequently frame these compositions are cut with pinking shears, recalling the painter’s mother, a seamstress. Celebrating the unlimited potential of abstraction, Bowling’s recent works reveal the artist’s ongoing investigation into the nature and possibilities of painting.