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Bethany Collins and Jennie C. Jones

Bethany Collins, America: A Hymnal, 2017

Bethany Collins and Jennie C. Jones included in the group exhibition Visual Record: The Materiality of Sound in Print at the International Print Center New York in New York.

The institutions press release follows:

Visual Record: The Materiality of Sound in Print investigates how artists since the 1970s have employed print-based processes to examine the relationship between sound and its visual representation. The exhibition features 15 artists, including Terry Adkins, John Cage, Bethany Collins, Christian Marclay, Glenn Ligon, Dario Robleto, and Audra Wolowiec, among others. 

Rooted in the traditions of both sound and print, the works in Visual Record reflect an increasing interest in how prints relate to and inform broader, multimedia practices on both technical and conceptual levels. Visual Record will highlight artists whose work translates between sound and print using distinctly physical means.  Across a wide range of subject matter—from the rhythms of jazz and American nostalgia to the sound of silence and the encoding of race in aural matter—the works demonstrate how the idea of the “record” is bolstered by innovative technical and conceptual approaches to printmaking.