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Hassan Sharif

Copper no. 35, 2016

Hassan Sharif is included in the exhibition From Barcelona to Abu Dhabi: Works from the MACBA Art Collection in dialogue with the Emirates at Minaret Al Saadiyat, as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival.

An exhibition showcasing highlights from the MACBA collection, one of the most significant in Southern Europe, in dialogue with artworks by 20 Emirati artists. Lead by MACBA’s Director, Ferran Barenblit, and in partnership with co-curator Nasser Abdullah, Chairman of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, the exhibition proposes a journey that allows us to think about the role of art in contemporaneity. A place for ideas and emotions, a place to be and to share, where life could be more livable. The point of departure is what defines us as humans: who we are, how we grow up, how we perceive the world. The exhibition focuses on our common rules of life in our cities and the way in which we relate to our natural environment. Finally, we will look at art itself, and its capacity to transmit ideas.

From Barcelona to Abu Dhabi: Works from the MACBA Art Collection
Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001
Barcelona, Spain