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Jennie C. Jones

The Guggenheim is continuing to celebrate the ideas, people, and art at the core of its mission by offering virtual Mind’s Eye programming for participants who are blind or have low vision. Join us this month to explore the current exhibition Jennie C. Jones: Dynamics.

Jones’s practice encompasses painting, sculpture, and sound installation to open discussions around the perception of sound within the field of visual arts. By using materials that absorb and dampen sound such as acoustic panels and architectural felt, her works make us consider how looking and listening relate to each other. Together, we’ll explore works currently on view in the exhibition and discuss themes of perception and embodiment through surface, sound, architecture, and history.

This Mind’s Eye experience will be offered remotely through verbal description and conversation. The program will be accessible by web link and by dial-in phone number, depending on your preference.

The same program will be offered twice. RSVP for only one session.