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Melvin Edwards

Melvin Edwards: Ballroom Marfa
September 25, 2015 – February 14, 2016
Image: Angola, 1992, detail

Melvin Edwards, among others, included in the exhibition Äppärät at Ballroom Marfa, curated by Tom Morton.

Featured artists: Ed Atkins, Melvin Edwards, Cécile B. Evans, Jessie Flood-Paddock, Roger Hiorns, Sophie Jung, Lee Lozano, Marlie Mul, Damián Ortega, Charles Ray, Shimabuku, Paul Thek

Äppärät is a show about the mammalian hand, and the tools it touches, holds and uses. Taking its title from the name of a fictional, post-iPhone device at the centre of Gary Schteyngart’s 2010 near-future novel Super Sad True Love Story, Äppärät is concerned with labor, play and the uncertain zone between the two; with the extension of the body, and the self, through technologies ancient and contemporary; with things (to borrow Martin Heidegger’s formulation) “present-at” and “ready-to” hand; with compulsion and with death.