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Regina Silveira

Regina Silveira, Biscoito Arte, 1976/1997, Photograph

Regina Silveira among participating artists in the BIENALSUR 2023 at MAR, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

BIENALSUR 2023's press release follows: 


We are surrounded by objects. Different artefacts with very different functions are part of our daily lives. Some we treasure because of the fondness we have for them and the memories they bring back. Others may be valuable to us because of their practical utility. The presence of these things in our lives is all too often taken for granted, as is the way we relate to the consumer practices of our contemporary society. But what happens when the function of these objects is redefined poetically? What new meanings can be attributed to the objects around us when they are aesthetically and conceptually reconfigured?

This exhibition brings together a series of works by contemporary artists from Argentina and other countries that challenge the canon of the everyday, revealing a new prevailing order. They seek to alter the way we look at ordinary things in order to unveil their subversive potential. These works redefine the horizon of the domestic, thus generating deviations and estrangements in the iconography of our everyday life.

- Florencia Battiti and Fernando Farina

EXTRA/ordinary. is presented at BIENALSUR 2023 with the support of the Instituto Cultural and the Subsecretaría de Políticas Culturales de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Ministerio de Producción, Ciencia e Innovación Tecnológica, Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires; the Institut français d'Argentine and the Centro Cultural de España at Buenos Aires - CCEBA.