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Regina Silveira

Regina Silveira

Irruption, 2009


Regina Silveira is included in a group exhibition, Interstitial interferences, at the Center Pompidou Málaga in Málaga, Spain.


Center Pompidou Málaga's press release follows:

The interferences that will temporarily invade the interstitial spaces of the Center Pompidou were imagined in the present continuous to be activated in different moments and contexts, involving and implicating them to illuminate in those encounters aspects of their own time that It is in turn common to those who go through contemporary life experience.

These works will become part of the architecture, they will welcome the public, activating their subjectivity and opening other avenues for the perception of the present time, in which imagination and fantasy are not absent. In the first section, three female artists active in the Latin American scene but also with a presence within the international scene, although uneven (due to the dual status of women and Latin Americans): Regina Silveira (BRA), Marie Orensanz (ARG) and Beatriz González (COL) will surprise you with their conceptual proposals.

In the second section, a group of artists who choose video, among other media, make their “appearances” on the screens found in the different transit segments of the building, as well as in the rest and magazine reading area. . Finally, in the auditorium area, a Latin American experimental film and video program is available to the public, invited to choose their route and stop to see this auditorium programming.


Diana B. Wechsler