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Regina Silveira

Regina Silveira: Luminato Festival
June 19 – 28, 2015

Regina Silveira included in the Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Silveira reimagines this year’s Luminato Festival Hub at David Pecaut Square with her installation Glossary, a large-scale play on the word “light,” in collaboration with Brazilian architect Alvaro Razuk. Best known for her explorations of space through optical illusions and geometric constructions, Glossary touches on Silveira’s interest in light and shadow, and the interaction of images with constructed spaces.

Commissioned specially for Luminato Festival, Glossary incorporates a series of colored, translucent marquees that form a pathway bathing Festivalgoers in countless words for light from dialects and languages from across Canada and around the world. At night, the city is illuminated with lasers, as handwritten words for “light” dance across buildings in the downtown core. Visit the Festival Hub and engage with Glossary as it interacts with the cityscape around David Pecaut Square.