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Ricardo Brey

Installation view, Scripted Truths, 2020: Filip Vervaet, Philippe Koeune, Fia Cielen (back wall), Filip Vervaet, Ricardo Brey, Cube of the Unknown (center). Photo: Fabrice Schneider.

Ricardo Brey included in Scripted Truths, a group exhibition at The Agprognostic Temple, Brussels, Belgium.

The institution's press release follows:

The Agprognostic Temple is a nomadic art space that was founded by the artist Dome Wood and the art critic / curator Sam Steverlynck in 2020 in Brussels. It aims to show­case art in new and unexpected ways and to probe the spiritual, the unknown and the ungraspable in current artistic practice. The inaugural exhibition, called Scripted Truths (August 29 – September 27, 2020), functioned like a manifesto and united nine artists (Ricardo Brey, Fia Cielen, Benjamin Husson, Felix Kindermann, Philippe Koeune, Shana Moulton, Isabel Tesfazghi, Lou Touchard, Filip Vervaet) working around the theme of spirituality, the esoteric, and personal mythology. The exhibition took place in a specially designed Temple architecture, with in the middle The Cube of The Unknown, a black box containing an art work - Cogwheel (2020) by Ricardo Brey – that was only revealed on the last day of the exhibition, during a special ceremony/ performance.​

Scripted Truths 
August 29 – September 27, 2020
The Agprognostic Temple
Brussels, Belgium