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Joan Semmel



Perfil infinito, 1966, Oil on linen

Perfil infinito, 1966

Oil on linen

76.38h x 67.31w in (193.99h x 170.97w cm)

Rhapsody in Blue, 1967, Oil on canvas

Rhapsody in Blue, 1967

Oil on canvas

69.63h x 62.69w in (176.85h x 159.23w cm)

Alborada, 1968, Oil on linen

Alborada, 1968

Oil on linen

70.90h x 70.90w in (180.09h x 180.09w cm)

Red Ground, 1969, Oil on linen

Red Ground, 1969

Oil on linen

50h x 36w in (127h x 91.44w cm)

Superficie y espacio, 1969, Oil on linen

Superficie y espacio, 1969

Oil on linen

70.88h x 51.19w in (180.02h x 130.02w cm)

Joan Semmel began her career as an Abstract Expressionist painter. After moving from New York to Madrid, Spain in 1963 to join her then husband—a civil engineer—her practice transformed. Responding to European art movements like Spanish Informalismo, Semmel’s painting evolved from the performative gestural bravura of Post-War American abstraction. She began to craft evocative compositions whose dense conglomerations of forms challenged traditional understandings of space. As Semmel elaborates, “My work gradually developed from broad gestural and spatially referenced painting to compositions of a somewhat surreal figure/ground configuration.” At the same time, her paintings' palettes of bright, saturated colors distinguished them from her Spanish contemporaries, who Semmel characterized as producing “darker, grayer and Goyesque” work.