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Melvin Edwards



Ame Eghan, 1975, Welded steel

Ame Eghan, 1975

Welded steel

12.50h x 19.50w x 19.50d in (31.75h x 49.53w x 49.53d cm)

Combination, 2005, Welded steel

Combination, 2005

Welded steel

11h x 8w x 10d in (27.94h x 20.32w x 25.40d cm)

Machete for Gregory, 1974, Welded steel, barbed wire, and chain

Machete for Gregory, 1974

Welded steel, barbed wire, and chain

31h x 40w in (78.74h x 101.60w cm)

Point of View, c. 1981, Welded steel

Point of View, c. 1981

Welded steel

13h x 13w in (33.02h x 33.02w cm)

Tools at Rest, 1973, Welded steel

Tools at Rest, 1973

Welded steel

15h x 35w x 29d in (38.10h x 88.90w x 73.66d cm)

Five to the Bar, 1973, Welded steel and barbed wire

Five to the Bar, 1973

Welded steel and barbed wire

14h x 20.50w x 20d in (35.56h x 52.07w x 50.80d cm)

Steel Life, 1985-1991, Welded steel

Steel Life, 1985-1991

Welded steel

12.50h x 18w x 17.75d in (31.75h x 45.72w x 45.09d cm)

Waiting for Yesterday, 1990-1993, Welded steel

Waiting for Yesterday, 1990-1993

Welded steel

14.40h x 27.80w x 22.60d in (36.58h x 70.61w x 57.40d cm)

The Way It Is, 1992, Welded steel

The Way It Is, 1992

Welded steel

18.25h x 21w x 16.50d in (46.36h x 53.34w x 41.91d cm)

August the Squared Fire, 1965, Welded steel

August the Squared Fire, 1965

Welded steel

44h x 30w x 40d in (111.76h x 76.20w x 101.60d cm)

Cotton Hangup, 1966, Welded steel

Cotton Hangup, 1966

Welded steel

32h x 30w x 30d in (81.28h x 76.20w x 76.20d cm)

The Fourth Circle, 1966, Painted steel

The Fourth Circle, 1966

Painted steel

48h x 72w x 60d in (121.92h x 182.88w x 152.40d cm)

Avenue B, 1975, Welded steel

Avenue B, 1975

Welded steel

23.75h x 30.50w x 18.25d in (60.33h x 77.47w x 46.36d cm)

Ventana a Isla Negra, 1973, Welded steel and barbed wire

Ventana a Isla Negra, 1973

Welded steel and barbed wire

44.40h x 48w x 20d in (112.78h x 121.92w x 50.80d cm)

To Wifredo Lam, 1982, Welded steel

To Wifredo Lam, 1982

Welded steel

24.90h x 31.50w x 19.30d in (63.25h x 80.01w x 49.02d cm)

Upright, 1974, Welded steel and barbed wire

Upright, 1974

Welded steel and barbed wire

20.80h x 13.10w x 7.50d in (52.83h x 33.27w x 19.05d cm)

Level, 1973, Welded steel and barbed wire

Level, 1973

Welded steel and barbed wire

12.80h x 13.60w x 6d in (32.51h x 34.54w x 15.24d cm)

Chaino, 1964, Welded steel and chains

Chaino, 1964

Welded steel and chains

62h x 102w x 26d in (157.48h x 259.08w x 66.04d cm)

The Lifted X, 1965, Welded steel

The Lifted X, 1965

Welded steel

65h x 45w x 22d in (165.10h x 114.30w x 55.88d cm)


Melvin Edwards